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NHS Orthodontics and treatment programmes

Our highly trained staff are well-versed with NHS eligibility and paperwork. We’ll do our best to shorten your wait time and help you get on your way to a straighter smile as soon as possible.

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NHS treatment programmes

Invisalign®: The clear alternative to metal braces

Our Invisalign® solutions make orthodontics less intimidating for patients who are worried about the look or feel of traditional braces. During your treatment programme, we’ll use clear plastic aligners to gently move your teeth.

Invisalign treatment



A customised (invisible) solution with Incognito Braces

Incognito braces use metal brackets that are placed along the inside of your teeth, where they are hidden from sight. Each plan is tailored to the structure of your mouth to ensure a comfortable fit.

Invisible braces

Incognito braces

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Mr. Ibikunle Aluko

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Mr. Colin Chambers

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Mr. Donald Cowan

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Mrs. Judy Wheble

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Mr. Nimo Rostami

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Orthodontic treatment uses appliances (or braces) that are fitted to the teeth to gently adjust alignment or position, slowly over time.

Braces are:

  • custom-made
  • prescribed and designed according to the patient’s particular needs
  • designed to apply gentle forces, using special wires, in a carefully controlled direction

In this way, braces precisely move the teeth, through the supporting bone, to a new more desirable position.

Every individual is different, but treatment usually lasts between 18 months – 2 years.


If indicated, the replacement of any missing teeth will have to be done by your dentist.

During the initial consultations with your orthodontist, this will be highlighted to you if it’s something you’d need to plan for.

Removable Appliances

Removable appliances are used to undertake simple tooth movements. They’re safe to use in younger patients who may still have baby teeth present.

Functional Appliances

Functional appliances (braces) are usually removable and are also known as ‘growth modification appliances’.

They can be used to guide the growth and development of children’s jaws, where there may be a mismatch in the size of their upper to lower jaws.

Fixed Appliances / Braces

This is what people usually think of when they imagine braces.

Fixed braces are:

  • bonded / cemented to the teeth for the duration of treatment
  • made up of small attachments (brackets and bands) linked together using special orthodontic wires
  • usually made of stainless steel, but tooth coloured brackets are also available as a more aesthetic alternative
  • - normally fixed to the outside of teeth (labial appliances), but special fixed braces that are stuck to the inside of teeth (lingual appliances) are also available

Some patients may need to wear elastics to achieve the desired result. These can be applied and removed by the patient.

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