Clear Clarity™ braces

Clear Clarity™ braces

Clarity™ braces feature a comfortable design with a translucent appearance. One of the leading qualities of this orthodontic solution is that the ceramic material blends in with the colour of your teeth, making these braces barely detectable.

As well as offering a more discreet appearance, Clarity ceramic braces use a combination of ceramic material and metal, making them even more durable than traditional metal braces. In fact, these braces are so sturdy that many doctors will recommend them to patients who play sports, as there’s a reduced chance of damage to the braces, teeth or mouth.


Clear braces

Braces that are comfortable to wear

Seriously! Clarity braces have a smooth, rounded shape, designed to prevent painful scratching on the inside of your lips and cheeks. Plus, the ceramic material resists stains from food and drink, giving you even more confidence to enjoy the day-to-day activities of your life, without worrying about your braces.

We love how versatile the ceramic Clarity™brackets are and our patients enjoy knowing they have a more comfortable solution that doesn’t get in the way of the activities they love most.

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